We started the You’re Enough website in response to the many news reports about suicides by youth who were being bullied. We felt compelled to do something about young people hurting themselves or others because of relentless bullying.

The mission of You’re Enough is to teach youth communication and emotion regulation skills needed to combat bullying, to succeed in school and to thrive in life.

Our vision is a world where kids 8 to 18 have the tools they need to withstand any humiliation, isolation, torment, even physical abuse that may come their way. The impact we hope to have is to lessen school, family and neighborhood tensions by addressing the PUBLIC HEALTH & MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS caused by bullying.

We are developing a customizable curriculum created to prepare children for the emotional challenges you face as you manage relationships.

This website puts in one place all sorts of information to help you build resilience, self-confidence, emotional intelligence, self-efficacy and self-control to help you succeed in spite of people who choose to torment others.